Lead8 @ Design Day

15 Dec 2015
By : Lead8

Last month, Lead8 Co Founder & Executive Director John Denton participated in English Schools Foundation (ESF) Hong Kong’s Design Day. Hosted by Renaissance College, the day was an opportunity to connect students to wider thinking in design.

Design Day brings the outside in, putting young minds in touch with experienced design minds. Established designers can share their passion, innovation, knowledge and daily practices with students; celebrating design and helping the students understand more about where a creative career path might lead.

John led three sessions throughout the day, talking about what we do, with a bent towards “the designer as a story teller”, and the need to not only solve the design problem, but also communicate the design vision at different stages of the process to clients, consultants, contractors, and the general public.

John guided the students through an initial concept story, which can be slightly abstract and maybe poetic, and often communicated through hundreds of butter paper sketches, all the way through the various phases to hard line construction documentation.

The students also got a chance to explore the latest technology to help tell that story. John covered CGI visualization, 3D modelling, augmented reality, and real time virtual reality using Oculus Rift goggles and game controllers to navigate oneself through a virtual world.

Feedback from the students:

“I enjoyed learning about careers in design and the reality of design – how it is involved in everyday life, products, and objects, and the importance of interdisciplinary skills,” said Nicole Leung.

“In John Denton’s session I learnt what architects do, work with and how they take on challenges and give creative solutions,” said Wing Chun Chan.

We would like to thank ESF, and in particular Boyd Jerman and Clare Musgrove, teachers of Design from Renaissance College, for organising the event.

Images courtesy of ESF, Design Day logo created by Mary Chan RCHK. 


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