HarbourLoop Cover Story in The List

29 Jan 2016
By : Lead8

In the January edition of Hong Kong’s The List, Lead8’s HarbourLoop vision is profiled as a way to make the city better and more liveable, while realising the full potential of our iconic Victoria Harbour.


It’s 2016 and we’re starting the new year off with a bit of love and positivity. We spoke to three organizations in Hong Kong who want to take the best features of our city and make them even better. From dreaming of ways to make our city more livable, to paying homage to the SAR’s best creative minds, to respecting Hong Kong’s natural green spaces, here are three initiatives celebrating the city to pay attention to…

By Evelyn Lok and Charmaine Ng. 

Heart of the Harbour

What could be a more iconic symbol of our city than Victoria Harbour? While it offers magnificent views day and night, vast stretches of inaccessible coastline mean that the harbor is sadly falling far behind it’s full potential – for business, leisure or tourism.

That’s why design and branding firm Lead8 has dreamed up an ambitious harborfront project named HarbourLoop. Still in the initial proposal stages, HarbourLoop aims to be a 23km-long pedestrian and cycling circuit linking the strip along Hong Kong Island from Sheung Wan to Shau Kei Wan, crossing the harbor to East Kowloon and looping back along Kai Tak to the West Kowloon Cultural District.

By helping to reduce the number of vehicles in general, HarbourLoop could potentially combat pollution and help lower temperatures during our notoriously hot summers. And of course, it’ll give tourists and locals an even better landmark to visit or be proud of.

The project needs a lot more awareness and support. By the end of 2015, only initial talks had been underway with the Harbourfront Commission Chairman.

Places to relax along the harbor, an upolluted skyline and an eco-friendly, life-changing landmark that will make us even more proud of our city: let’s hope it becomes a reality soon.

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Credit: The List


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