Happy 2nd Year to Lead8

28 Apr 2016
By : Lead8

Today marks the second anniversary of Lead8. From a temporary office in early 2014 to three established studios in Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, we have continued to pave the road with creativity, knowledge, experience and unparalleled service at the top of our minds during these past two years.

As we celebrate this milestone year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our team and our achievements throughout these 24 months. Lead8’s Co Founders & Executive Directors say:

“It has certainly been a quick two years for us. We are amazed at the organic growth and continued success of Lead8, and thankful to all our staff for their hard work in getting us this far. In just a short time we have been recognised for the quality and consistency or our work, and as we spread our wings into new markets and sectors we aim to further strengthen and grow this reputation. Over the coming years we will continue to create unique, sustainable designs for a better future for our communities, and to promote excellence in our craft.”

Our most valuable asset is undoubtedly our staff, or ‘Leaders’, and each person plays a key part in the continued success of Lead8. So what does Lead8 mean to them? We asked for their perspective and here’s our top five:

1)     Lead8 is a company where like-minded people come together and work towards a common goal – to design and create. It is this same mindset that builds the strength into our designs and ideas. Team spirit and bonding pushes us to improve and learn, to develop our skills and also ourselves.

2)     Lead8 is a boat of passion with everyone as a crewmember trying our best to sail in the sea of creativity. It’s a place for a career journey through some spectacular scenery. Though sometimes there may be storms, but the amazing crew works together to overcome it.

3)    Lead8 is a brand that is really trying to tackle design and large-scale architecture differently. It has managed to foster a unique, fun, inclusive working environment. From music in the office to bottles of beer in the fridge, to the industrial décor, the whole place is full of creative touches and friendly people.

4)    Lead8 means flexibility and a space to explore new ideas. It is a place where free communication and collaboration brings out the best of us and makes everyone motivated. It provides an opportunity for the next generation, a platform to grow, and to share the knowledge to excel in what we do.

5)    There is a creative vision infused within the culture at Lead8. There is always fun in the mix that gets everyone passionate about what they’re doing, be that 3D simulations, design or technology. We are always dedicated to crafting new and exciting things.

We have learnt that it’s collaboration which brings out the very best results. We learn from others, and they learn from us, yet ultimately everyone benefits. Here at Lead8 there’s a sense that everyone is pursuing that common goal – to lead the future of the industry by way of our approach, our thinking and our expertise.

A huge thank you to our Leaders, our clients and everyone who has followed us in contributing to this success. We are ready for our third year!






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