Design Day

04 May 2015
By : Lead8

Lead8 were delighted to take part in the English School’s Foundation’s first ever Design Day, hosted by Renaissance College Hong Kong.

Lead8 Co Founder & Executive Director, John Denton, was one of eighteen design industry professionals (from varying design disciplines), who took a day out of their busy schedules to work with students who are considering careers in design.

John’s session focused on the importance of understanding the design brief, understanding the design constraints, and keeping things simple.

To help support this thinking, John set a design challenge; to design and build a bridge out of old business cards. It had to span a specified distance, hold a specified load, and had to be built out of the specified material (old business cards). No tape or glue were allowed, just folds and cuts.

This challenge forced the students to identify the problem (the design brief), work through the given constraints, and investigate and exploit the material’s structural and aesthetic qualities.

Importance was placed more on the process than the results; however, many of the bridges successfully answered the brief, and fun was had by all.

We would like to thank ESF, and in particular Boyd Jerman and Clare Musgrove of RCHK, for their organisation and hospitality.



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