Team on… series – May

07 May 2015
By : Lead8

For our May series, we asked four team members to help us celebrate the launch of our new brand name to ‘Lead8’ by revealing to us their 8 favorite things.

Part one of the series features Melissa Marselina, Interior Designer who tells us what and why these 8 things make it to her favorites list.

1.   Favourite Colour: Green

Most of the people I know, they choose their favourite colours based on seasons. Weirdly enough, I’ve always liked the greenness of the grass and in the leaf. I believe that green in nature has always had an impact on humans, both emotionally and physically. It has the ability to calm your mind (which is VERY important in this industry) and beautify everything in everything that you’ve designed, MAGIC!

2.   Favourite Architect: Luis Barragan

I have always admired the boldness on the usage of colour in all of his works. Not many people, be it designer or client, dare to express the richness of colour in their works. Luis Barragan uses colour, texture, form and light to mould and create the spatial experience. His ability in the selection of colours and to control the usage of colours are very inspiring. Besides colour, the other aspect in his work which I admire most is the simplicity in the form of his architecture. He dwells deeper into exploration of the space and works with the right angle in order to produce the spatial quality which he desires.

“It seems important to me that spaces are not aggressive. I always used low forms and permanently worked with right angles. At all times in my work, I had in mind the horizontal and vertical planes and angles of intersection. This explains the frequent use of the cube in my architecture.” 

3.   Favourite Architectural Style: Art Nouveau 

Long before Art Deco and modernism, there was Art Nouveau. Yes, even though modernism and its practicality have eradicated the decorative movement of Art Nouveau during the Post-World War II, the elegant and exquisite look borne from organic style of Art Nouveau is very impressive still and inspiring to me. The organic form and shape, which usually is reflected on the architectural details or metal works, most often than not have to be specially handcrafted for each project. This way, I feel that designers are given the liberty to think and act creatively.

4.   Favourite Artist: Zdzislaw Beksinski

Zdzislaw Beksinski was a Polish painter, photographer and sculptor specialising in utopian art. I have always been intrigued by his paintings and his ability in using colours as a medium to portray his imagination while evoking the sense of desolation and silence. For a man who does not have a formal training as an artist, the intricate details which he drew in each of his paintings are always astonishing.

5.   Favourite Job: Anything to do with design and space planning

Eat, live and breathe design is the motto that I live with every day. Some people might not be able to embrace it and even try to avoid talking about design after their working hours. However, design for me has become part of my life and daily activities. Wherever I go, whoever I meet with, whatever I see, always relates back to design, be it a topic of conversation or even micro design details in every nook and cranny of the restaurant which I visited for dinner. Space planning is another fun thing to do. I have always felt the sense of mystery and excitement in every space which I am going to mould. In my free time, I like to read architectural magazines and review the layout plans of the featured projects in the magazine. I find that the process of getting the right form and scale in moulding the space is the most challenging one but also the most rewarding.

6.   Favourite Animator: Hayao Miyazaki

One thing that I love most about Hayao Miyazaki is his undying passion and love towards animation. Despite the rapid increase in the demand for computerised animation, Miyazaki still firmly believes in traditional hand drawn animation and it is reflected in most of his animation movies through the use of water colour. He has what lacks in most animators, which is the ability to convey meaningful messages of the issues happening in current context without losing the fun side of the animation. Even renowned American film critic, Roger Ebert has praised Miyazaki for the artistry and depth in his animation.

7.   Favourite Genre of Movie: Horror

There is nothing that beats the fun of watching a horror movie after spending a whole day of rushing and stressful work in the office. I will say that my fascination of horror movies began when I was in primary school and it is because of curiosity. As most strict parents did to their children, my parents actually imposed curfew on late night sleeping time. Hence, due to my own curiosity, I began renting videotapes of horror movies and watching it during the day. During that time, Steven King’s “IT” and William Gaines’ “Tales from the Crypt” were very popular and they have become my favourite horror movies till now. Curiosity has indeed killed the innocent part of me.

8.   Favourite Scent: Jasmine

The last of my 8 favourite things will be my favourite scent, Jasmine. Unlike other floral scents, I find that the scent of Jasmine is very soothing, and not over powering. It was during one of my friend’s wedding in Indonesia that I discovered my likeness of the sweet fragrance of Jasmine. One of the good things about Jasmine is its calming effect. Recent research has proven that the smell of Jasmine is as good as Valium that calms the nerves without having the side effect. It gives me the idea that perhaps we should start growing Jasmine trees in our office for us to keep calm and continue working!



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