Historic Hong Kong Cyclothon

12 Oct 2015
By : Lead8

Thousands of cycling enthusiasts crossed the Ma Wan Channel in a rare cycling event at the weekend that saw the iconic Tsing Ma Bridge opened to bicycles for the first time.

More than 3,000 cyclists, from seasoned professionals to families and children, took part in day two of the Hong Kong Cyclothon set around the Cultural Centre Piazza in TST.

Lead8’s resident cycling team 8CC (Lead8 Cycling Club) arrived at the start line on a chilly, wet and slippery Sunday morning for a 7.30am depart for the 35km race.

Riders hurled themselves off through TST towards the Tsing Ma Bridge half way line, all entering into the spirit of participation combined with a healthy dose of competition.

Our data results show that 8CC may have come in the top 50 riders, unfortunately the results were impacted by teething problems for the organisers when the 35km and 10km races converged at the end causing a bottleneck.

8CC all came in roughly at the same time in just over 1 hour with an average speed of 35km p/h (even with stoppages).

“The pace was fast and it was nice to ride with work mates on highways, bridges and tunnels that are normally out of bounds. A really great charity event and we’re looking forward to next year which promises to be even better,” said Lead8 Co Founder & Executive Director Chris Lohan.

While the racing aspect of the event could be improved over the coming years as the organising body gain experience, the participants and residents of Hong Kong generally had positive feedback and welcome the idea of cycling as a mainstream sport, and a means of commute in this condensed city. Hong Kong has a long way to go before cycling infrastructure meets demand. But this is a positive first step towards a more bike friendly city.

Well done team 8CC!





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