Creating a Place to Create

19 Oct 2015
By : Lead8

Creating a place to create was the brief, and it soon grew into an expression of not just our personalities, but of the brand as a whole.

Our Hong Kong studio is housed in an older style warehouse building near Quarry Bay. We took this on as a bare shell and subsequently were able to fit it out to our exact requirements. Tying the interior concept into our brand values, which include honesty and transparency, influenced everything from the lighting and finishes right down to the way we arranged ourselves without hierarchy.

This sense of honesty was further enhanced by the physicality of the materials. The existing bare concrete floor was simply polished, materials were deliberately left unfinished, and their individual qualities celebrated. Although harmonious as a family, the seemingly eclectic materials also reflect the rich mix of cultures and personalities that make up the studio. This directness of use also makes for an environmentally friendly solution.

The structural slab and beams above are allowed to play the role of ceiling, with industrial-looking pendant light fixtures creating a visual datum. Track lights suspended within the structural bays are pointed up, flooding the slab above with a beautifully soft diffused light.

The furniture was another opportunity to be playful, with a collection of design classics and simple domestic pieces working together to create a very comfortable and relaxed space. This is a step away from the generic corporate office and what’s become interesting is the way people gravitate towards their favourite chairs.

In terms of our approach to the overall layout of the space, in addition to how we arranged ourselves and our desks was the method by which we added layers of informality around the studio. In the creative industries as a whole the way we all work and interact day to day is starkly different from the cubicle-bound offices of the past. This was an imperative consideration in the way we organised the space, building in breakout areas and a range of flexible-use spaces.

Echoing the more domestic tenet of the kitchen being the heart of the home, our ‘pantry area’, complete with a large Oak table, has become one of the most dynamic spaces. Used throughout the day by many different teams, it is at once a drawing table, lunch table, meeting room or even film set. One constant that is apparent is that it represents the social heart of our studio.

Being the client for a change was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. As we continue to grow both creatively and physically our studio is growing with us.



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