Changchun China Resources Centre breaks ground

28 Aug 2018
By : Lead8

27 August, 2018 marked the groundbreaking of Changchun China Resources Centre in China. Lead8 Co Founder & Executive Director David Buffonge and Senior Architectural Designer Eddy Sun were pleased to celebrate the major milestone with China Resources Land at its spectacular groundbreaking ceremony.

Located in the heart of Changchun’s central business district, the project has a site area of 34,000 sqm combining high-end residential, offices, service apartments and a MixC retail centre. China Resources Land, a leading developer in China, has commissioned Lead 8 as lead architect to provide design services for the 170,000 sqm MixC that anchors the overall mixed-use development.

Slated to open in 2021, Lead8 introduces a new, innovative concept for the MixC brand, ‘MixC + 1’, to create an experience that goes well beyond the traditional retail centre. The design places an emphasis on the wider community and is inspired by the culture and temperate climate of Changchun. Ample open, green public spaces, such as a central park, basement streets and indoor retail streets, are purposefully designed to blur the lines that define indoor and outdoor spaces, adding to the concept of new urban retail design. The project vision is to create a dynamic and experiential lifestyle centre that also influences and enriches urban life in the city.


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