Cities of the Future with Lead8’s Young Architects

04 Sep 2019
By : Lead8

Lead8, the international architecture and design practice, brought together its team and their young families for a unique design event that aimed at empowering and supporting creative thinking in the next generation.

The two-part event was hosted by Lead8 with 14 children taking part. Ranging in age from 2 to 12, the young group was tasked with envisioning the city of the future, building a multi-dimensional model the showcase their ideas. No other guidelines were set, allowing the young architects to approach the project as they wished.

“It was wonderful to see the breadth of ideas coming from these creative and growing minds. The younger children were understandably abstract in their approach while the older half experimented with real life concepts. The finished models truly capture the aim of this event, encouraging our youngest generation to explore the worlds of creativity, architecture and design whilst imagining the built environment of tomorrow,” commented Christine Hau, Co Founder and Executive Director.

Lead8’s architects and designers were on hand to help guide and support the young participants during the event. The activity allowed children to explore architecture and design and learn from passionate professionals in the field – as much a learning opportunity as a mentoring one.

As part of the event, Lead8 lent its support to UNICEF – donating to the charity’s programmes which help provide marginalised and disadvantaged children with access to education and opportunities to stay in the schooling system for longer periods of time.

“Events like this capture the spirit of Lead8 and our socially and environmentally conscious team. We are committed to supporting the next generation of thinkers, innovators and creatives – our future leaders. As part of this mission, we are proud to support the efforts of UNICEF and the work they are doing to extend the opportunity for youth across the region to have access to adequate schooling and opportunities for education,” said Simon Chua, Co Founder and Executive Director.

The models made by the young architects are on display in the Lead8 Hong Kong studio.

Watch the event video:


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