Lead8 joins panel at CRECCHKI Special Sharing Luncheon

15 Jan 2018
By : Lead8

On 12 January, Lead8 joined a panel discussion organised by the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Walk DVRC, to explore how a strategic approach to public space can make Hong Kong a more liveable, walkable and people-friendly environment.

Lack of urban space and connectivity, population density and congestion have been controversial topics in Hong Kong. Moderated by Ivan Ko (CRECCHKI Chairman), the group of panelists: Christopher Law (Founding Director, Oval Partnership); Prof. Alain Chiaradia (Associate Professor, HKU); Ian Ralph (Associate Director, Lead8) and Markus Shaw (Chair, Walk DVRC Limited), exchanged views on how public space proposals, HarbourLoop and Walk DVRC, can provide a solution to overcome these challenges and encourage greater mobility in the city.

“HarbourLoop and Walk DVRC are people-focused approaches to achieving a sustainable environment and quality living solution for Hong Kong,” said Lead8 Associate Director Ian Ralph. “The city need to join hands to create citywide public spaces that prioritises pedestrians and walking, in an effort to make Hong Kong a walkable, liveable, and connected city.”

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About HarbourLoop

The HarbourLoop is a vision to transform the contours of Hong Kong’s waterfront into an iconic 23 kilometre multi-use active pathway.

Lead8’s vision seeks to unite existing and future planned sections of the Victoria Harbour pathway, transforming and linking them into one continuous loop for the people of Hong Kong to enjoy.

HarbourLoop is a self-initiated project by Lead8.

To find out more about HarbourLoop, please click here.


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