Lead8 Appointed Lead Designer for China Resources Land’s First Chained IMAX Cinema at Taiyuan

21 Sep 2018
By : Lead8

PRESS RELEASE: 20 September 2018

On 15 September 2018, an International architecture and design studio Lead8 proudly unveiled the extensive interior architecture and design renovations for the MIXC Cinema City Complex at Taiyuan, Shanxi – The first chain MIXC Cinema City theatre, and a new generation of IMAX theatres in northern China.

Lead8 was appointed by China Resources Land to lead the design for MIXC Cinema City complexes in four major Chinese cities: Shenzhen Bay, Shanxi Taiyuan, Hebei Shijiazhuang and Fujian Xiamen. The grand opening dates for Hebei Shijiazhuang and Fujian Xiamen are slated for November 2018, with Shenzhen Bay in December 2018 next.

“With a contemporary and comfortable ambience in mind, we have designed a place where cinema-goers can engage in an intimate and immersive, environment. Transforming a functionality space with an amazing experience,” Said Claude Touikan, Co Founder and Architecture lead at Lead8.

The ticketing lobby is centred with a grand lounge, a sophisticated bar, enhance with  ambience created by the illuminated, textured walls. This is a fresh and luxurious, bright and modern take on cinema design.

“Watching a movie at the cinema is still a joy and an escape from our busy routine. The client brief called for refined cinema facilities. We built on these needs and reimagined the potential of the conventional cinema. MIXC Cinema City sets a new design benchmark for the movie cinema; but more importantly, this project offers movie-lovers a new type of cinematic experience.” added Touikan.

MIXC Cinema City is wholly-owned by China Resources. China Resources Land plans to open 50 more cinema complexes in the next three to five years.

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