Lead8 Brings Luxury to the Newly Open MixC Shenzhen Bay

25 Jan 2019
By : Lead8

PRESS RELEASE: 25 January 2019

Lead8, the award-winning international firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, celebrates the completion of China Resources Land’s MixC Shenzhen Bay. The firm collaborated with China Resources Land (CRL) in the architecture, retail planning and interior design of the high-end 80,000sqm retail centre located in the western Houhai district of Shenzhen Bay.

A development to celebrate China Resources Land’s 80th anniversary, Lead8 employed a contemporary lifestyle-oriented design for the MixC Shenzhen Bay in the 860,000 sqm mixed-use development – a place for work, leisure and relaxation that blends an urban context with art, landscape and culture.

“This new RDE destination delivers a premier compact luxury retail centre where browsing, meeting and urban living co-exist,” said Claude Touikan, Co Founder and Executive Director of Lead8.

Lead8’s overall design objective was to create a sense of combined luxury between a blended exterior and interior. On the exterior, the extensive use of various stone materials across the building’s façade is accented with occasional bulged cut stones, brings to life a striking design across the light-beige coloured sandstone. On the interior, the design language extends with a strategic ‘opening-up’ of relevant parts of the building to create a direct connection to the exterior environment accentuated by granite stone column cladding at every corner.

Glass boxes, open balconies with setbacks and semi-covered verandah blended with soft green landscaped elements create a harmonious natural feeling, while a network of car-free pedestrian and cycle routes that weave through the development encourages a low-carbon community and enables further interconnectivity among visitors.

Co-launched with the mixed-use development was the IMAX cinema at MixC Shenzhen Bay. Project lead by Lead8, the latest addition to China Resources Land’s cinema chain features a distinctive fresh and luxurious design concept that exudes a bright and modern feel. Located in the ticketing lobby, is the grand lounge, a sophisticated bar featuring textured walls illuminated to deliver an intimate and immersive experience for cinema-goers to enjoy and escape their busy routines.

“MixC IMAX Cinema City sets a new design benchmark for cinemas,” added Touikan,” China Resources Land plans to open 50 more cinema complexes in the next three to five years, and we look forward to delivering Lead8’s inspirational designs to cinema-goers across with our partners in the years ahead.”

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