Lead8’s Brand Evolution

14 Nov 2018
By : Lead8

Our story began in 2014 with a simple desire – a passion for design. It’s not about drawing a line on a piece of paper, but about creating meaningful spaces with a sense of place. Now, four years after, our mission remains the same, yet the world is changing around us. As we continue to evolve in the years ahead, we see this moment as a great opportunity to give a fresh transformation to our brand.

From the outset, we wanted our new company logo and identity to stay true to Lead8’s roots and be at the heart of our culture and new brand identity. Our design goal was to reflect our core values and the value we deliver to our clients.

A concept of three principles – People, Places and Infinity, the word “Lead” is refreshed with a bold typeface, one that Google calls “modern, yet approachable”, to create a sense of structure and solidity. The new logo maintains the iconic infinity symbol, but with a modernised, fresh touch, signifying the immeasurable and boundless possibilities for our creativity, our brand and our studio. With a blend of charcoal and a hint of dark green, the new color palette of our brand conveys a sense of sophistication, timelessness and continued growth of Lead8. The blending of these elements signifies the evolution of our brand and our unwavering commitment to the design industry and our clients.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo and identity, along with our new domain name

There will be more excitement from Lead8 in the months ahead, please stay tuned for our news and updates!


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