The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Living

25 Oct 2018
By : Lead8

The power and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unimaginable. With its capability to perform tasks that have not been possible to humans, there is no doubt that AI will change the human experience and reshape humanity. But how are AI technologies likely to affect cities around the world facing rapid urbanisation?

With a future of increasing urbanisation patterns, the growth of density will be inevitable. Adam Smith’s “the Law of Diminishing Return”, predicts that one day there will be shortage of land available to grow food for everyone. As the world population grows, we may need to go vertical to create additional horizontal surfaces for living. AI could be the alternative solution to this issue for our society, solving complicated engineering and moral issues resulting from super high density living and maintaining a high level of quality of life.

To feed dense populations – super high rise? City environments in 2017 New Jersey-based Company Bowery launched an AI-enabled indoor farming business. Founded by tech entrepreneur Irving Fain in October 2014 with co-founders David Golden and Brian Falther, Bowery has built a vertical farming facility in New Jersey that uses automation, machine learning, and vision systems to monitor and tend to its crops.

Similar urban farming systems in Singapore have shown to significantly reduce land take, water (up to 95% less) and energy use. Set in urban locations, the waste and energy associated with distribution is also significantly reduced.

Imagine ThyssenKrupp’s Multi-Lift system being an AI supported elevator system used in super high-rise buildings, optimising lift traffic and reducing core size for more living space around them. Implementation of such systems can help create more and better living space in high-rise developments and literally enable cities we see in Sci-Fi movies today – not as dystopian hopefully. The connectivity between high-rise developments with such technology can be above congested road levels in a safer and less harmful environment.

Although unsustainable urbanisation patterns will continue to create challenges and drive cities toward the trend of vertical living. We can expect that AI will evolve and bring new, smarter solutions in the years ahead, to make a more sustainable and liveable future for us.


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