Smart Cities + Technology = Sustainable Future

31 Oct 2018
By : Lead8

The United Nations has designated today, 31st October, as World Cities Day with the intent to draw awareness to international communities on fast growing global urbanisation. The general theme of World Cities Day is “Better City, Better Life,” and in order to become better, we need to be smart, “Smart City, Smart Life”.  The term “smart cities” has become a buzzword as more cities around the world aim to become “smart” and sustainable. With this in mind, have we ever thought about how rapidly growing cities can actually become “smart” and what role technology play in this process?

The Smart City Equation
I believe we can create a smart city by solving some of these puzzles:

Smart Living: Clean healthy living, no pollution, no traffic congestions, coordinated transport systems, fight crime, defensible spaces, city services readily available, parks, cultural venues and health care.

Smart Working: Cities that provide total digital connectivity capable to compete globally for employers.

Smart Learning: Provide quality education for the community, education and earning opportunity for smart cities to evolve and develop.

Sustainably Smart: Cities that provide services without destroying future generations.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI); equipped with autonomous objects and mainly airborne, for environmental control could further enhance the life in smart cities. Research into such applications has made promising progress as seen in Germany’s Festo company’s research products for bionic networking of autonomous objects.

Whether we like it or not, AI smart city technology and machine learning based method for the evaluation of the quality of life for the urban environment is currently being implemented. Our lives are influenced by AI technology, where AI-Powered Predictions Google Maps can perform tasks such as analysing speed of traffic movement and also using robots to perform complex medical procedures. One such example is robot surgeon, TiRobot, where it performed a successful surgery in Beijing by drilling precise holes and applying just enough pressure to secure screws in place in the spine and skull. This operation was a success and a world-first application of the sophisticated device developed jointly by Jishuitan Hospital and Tinavi Medical Technologies. This is just the beginning of how AI will forever change our lifes. It will be no surprise to hear more and more of these success stories in the future.

The Perfect Environment
We’re born and live in this world looking for solutions to a perfect living environment but I guess one day we will settle for a sustainable city.

 “Smart Cities are not about what we build, rather how we should take care of our environment. Sustainability is the key to a living planet.”

By: Claude Touikan, 
Lead8 Co Founder & Executive Director



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