Urban Plan Volunteer Workshop

20 Nov 2018
By : Lead8

At Lead8, we have endeavoured to foster a culture that embrace and promote educational mentorship for students. We are committed to nurture the young generation, enrich their knowledge and skills to solve complex issues in our living environments today.

On 14 November, Co Founder & Executive Director Simon Chua volunteered as an industry expert to support Urban Plan in Hong Kong. Organised by Urban Land Institute (ULI) and Independent Schools Foundation Academy (ISF), Urban Plan is an interactive classroom-based workshop, in which students learn about the fundamental forces that affect urban regeneration.

Students were divided into small groups acting as an urban regeneration company who respond to a Request for Proposal to win a bid for regeneration of an imaginary city centre site. Simulating real-life, students worked through financial, design, ethical, cultural, and environmental challenges through role playing and using Lego blocks to create a livable community that is financially viable. As part of the volunteering team, Simon and the professional facilitators worked closely with the students to provide guidance and industry insights to help them accomplish the mission of their proposals.

“Our environments are shaped by what we plan, design and build. Urban Plan truly brings a unique opportunity for young students to understand the challenges in the built environment and also adds an immense value to their learning experience. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience to join ULI and ISF Academy on this meaningful workshop,” said Simon Chua, Co Founder & Executive Director of Lead8.

Images courtesy of Urban Land Institute Asia Pacific


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