WAN Future Projects Awards 2016

23 Feb 2017
By : Lead8

The Lead8 designed HarbourLoop has been shortlisted in the WAN Future Projects Urban Design Awards 2016.

HarbourLoop is a vision to transform the contours of Hong Kong’s harbourfront into an iconic 23 kilometre active pathway.  Our vision seeks to unite existing and future planned sections of the Victoria Harbour with a multi-use vehicle-free route and series of ‘hubs’ to create an active and welcoming edge to the harbour.

Neil Lewin, Deputy Regional Director at IBI Group, from the jury panel within the Urban Design category was impressed by the way HarbourLoop created additional space in an area where it is at a premium.

“There’s so little land in Hong Kong, I think it’s fabulous the thought of carving out something that gives you the extra space and the cycling and walking this project offers is fantastic. This is exactly what I think the city needs” said Neil.

Read more about HarbourLoop here.


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